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Requirements of Being a Gardener at Twin Oaks Gardens

  • Gardeners agree to garden in compliance with the Twin Oaks Gardens Garden Rules
  • Gardeners are required to provide a minimum of four hours of service per garden plot per year
  • It is expected that gardeners will keep their plots weed free
  • The annual fee to lease a 20’ x 25’ plot is $25/year
  • There is a two plot limit per gardener/family
    • First time gardeners may only secure one plot during their first garden season
    • Second plot requests are handled on a wait list basis. Gardeners may lease their same plot year after year as long as they remain a member in good standing

Invasive Plants

Any plant classified as regulated-restricted, regulated-prohibited, non-regulated-caution, and non-regulated-non-restricted by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) may not be grown in the garden. Please refer to the following web sites below for updated lists (links will open in a new windowTerrestrial Invasive Species Invasive Species Photo Gallery

Available Resources ~ Tools, Materials, and Training

  • A variety of tools are available at the site for the gardeners to use (e.g., shovels, garden forks, rakes, and wheelbarrows)
  • Some materials (e.g., wood chips, leaves, and horse bedding) are donated to the garden for use in the garden plots; however, there is no guarantee that large quantities are available throughout the year. Water is also available at the site but it must be carried to the individual garden plot by bucket or watering can (hose hook ups to the water tanks are not permitted)
  • Tilling services are available, only in Spring, by request and incur an additional fee (range $25 - 35/plot)
  • Education and training opportunities are available throughout the gardening season and through interactions with other members
  • Twin Oaks Gardens is not ADA (American with Disabilities Act) accessible

How to Obtain a Plot

Complete the "Sign Up" request form in the Login Menu to the right, or click HERE. Your application will be placed on the Twin Oaks Garden Wait List. Due to the large number of requests it generally takes one or two years (garden growing seasons) to secure a garden plot.
When a plot is available you will be notified.