Become a Sponsor

Please Help us grow!

We are seeking help in the form of financial donations, materials, or services. These will help support our gardens, our programs, and financially challenged families. Please contact us about your interests or to discuss arrangements for a particular type of donation.

At this time donations are not tax deductible.

Urgent Needs:

Tools must be in good working order and not need repairs
  • Tools (e.g., shovels, garden forks, pitchforks, and wheelbarrows)
  • Riding Lawn Mower
  • Gas Powered String or Blade Trimmer
  • Since 2010 a team of volunteers works 365 days a year taking kitchen waste and converting it into compost. The team has recycled more than 130 tons of kitchen waste into a product that’s used in their gardens and avoided shipping the scraps to solid waste facilities
  • The donor will need to drop the waste/scraps off at the garden and place it within a designated area (street side location)
  • Acceptable waste/scraps: vegetables, fruits, grains, and egg shells.
  • Scraps/waste that will not be accepted: meats, oils & fats, and dairy products
  • Helps cover the costs for the development and maintenance of our garden website
  • Used to purchase replacement or new equipment and supplies
    • Replace worn out equipment (e.g., water hoses, water valves, water tanks, stakes, and tools)
    • Purchase new equipment and materials (e.g., wood for water tank platforms and compost bins)
  • Various types of organic materials are recycled in our gardens (e.g., manures and animal bedding, sawdust, wood chips, compost, and dry leaves). We will accept most of these provided the materials do not have any chemical treatments, pests, or diseases
  • Horse manures and horse bedding are highly desirable because they can be placed directly in the garden. Other manures such as cow, poultry, and swine must be aged for at least one year before we will accept them. Manures from meat-eating animals are not permitted in the garden. Please contact us to discuss the particular properties of the materials and get our approval for this type of donation
  • Provide financially challenged families with seeds and plants so that they can grow a garden to feed their family or sell the produce as a source of income
  • Plants and seeds are used in educational training and horticultural challenges (e.g., youth garden, or grow the same pumpkin variety to see who grows the biggest and healthiest plant)
  • Lawn Mowing or Trimming Services
    • Areas of the garden need regular mowing and trimming
  • Rototilling
    • Several of the gardeners till their soil each spring to prepare their garden plots
  • Construction/Building Services or Materials (e.g., build a shed, or water tank platform)
  • A $25 cash donation will help a financially challenged family pay for their annual plot fee