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2019 Rules

  1. REGISTRATION, DUES, AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Each leasee/gardener must submit a new registration form for each garden season (calendar year). Dues/fee for your garden plot must be paid at the time of registration and the leasee/gardener will not be permitted to begin gardening in the Spring if the fee has not been paid. Each gardener/leasee will be required to provide a minimum of four hours of service per plot per calendar year towards the maintenance or management of the garden site. The service team options are on the registration form and your choices must be indicated in order to secure a garden plot. This practice will create an environment where all members have a vested interest in the function as well as the beauty of our garden. All leasees/gardeners are responsible for being in full compliance with the Twin Oaks Gardens Rules.
  2. AGE OF GARDENER/LEASEE. The gardener/leasee must be 18 years or older or 16 years old with supervision of parent/adult.
  3. GARDEN PLOT ASSIGNMENTS. All plots will be assigned by the Advisory Committee and they have final discretionary authority over the assignments. Gardeners/leasees may retain the same garden plot that they have managed from year to year if they remain in good standing as a member of the garden. The leasee/gardener receives the plot in an ‘as is’ condition and every leasee/gardener goes through the process of getting the plot in shape and weed free. Gardeners may not give their plot away or reassign it to another individual for the gardening season.
  4. WAIT LIST. Due to the limited number of plots available at Twin Oaks Gardens, the organization will keep a wait list of names of the people who are interested in securing a plot. The priority for their distribution will be given to the individual(s) who has (have) been on the list for the longest period of time.
  5. NUMBER OF PLOTS. There is a limit of two garden plots per leasee/gardener/household; however, new leasees/gardeners may only secure one plot during their first season. If they are a member in good standing after their first year they may secure a second plot for the next gardening season, if one is available. The named leasee/gardener/household must be actively engaged in gardening in their assigned plot(s). (e.g. One person may not acquire additional garden plots, exceeding their two plot limit, through leases granted to their extended family members or friends).
  6. ABANDONED GARDEN PLOTS. Garden plots which do not exhibit active planting or management by June 1 will be considered abandoned. The abandoned plots will be reassigned to individuals on the wait list. The original gardener/leasee then forfeits the plot, their dues/fee, and claim to any of the items in the plot (e.g., plants, produce, tools, structures, equipment).
  7. PARKING & VEHICLES. Parking is allowed on the street only --- do not park in the lot at the police station. Vehicles or those with attached trailers may not be driven or parked in the garden.
  8. CHILDREN. Children are welcome in the gardens but must be supervised. Please do not allow them to climb on water tanks, the platforms, beneath the platforms, on the compost bins, on the gazebo, on the tool shed, or in the horse bedding, leaves, or wood chip piles because it is a safety hazard. Children are not allowed to use the garden tools as play things/toys.
  9. PETS. No pets are allowed in the garden area.
  10. WATER TANKS & HOSES. Water tanks provide water for the gardens but is UNSAFE for drinking and washing of produce. Do not attach hoses to the spigots on the tanks to water your garden. Watering cans or buckets are to be used to transport water from the tank to your garden plot. Do not hang buckets or watering cans on the spigots as the weight can damage the plumbing joints and cause a leak. Do not over tighten the spigot handle as this too can cause damage and leakage. Please use great care when working with tools to avoid puncturing the hoses used to deliver water to the tanks
  11. TOOLS. Garden owned tools (orange or painted handles) are not to be stored in garden plots they are to be returned to the storage corral when you depart the garden so that others can use them. Please scrape off the soil clinging to the tool before storing it. Tools owned by garden tenant may be kept in their plots but must be stored safely and securely so they do not become a hazard to other gardeners. Please be mindful of tools and the hazards presented by them while you are using or storing them. Do not place narrow diameter metal stakes in an upright position along the walkways and paths. If someone would trip or fall they could impale themselves on the stake(s).