Article Index

  1. COMMUNICATION/NOTIFICATION. If a leasee/garden tenant is experiencing extenuating circumstances (e.g., health issues, change in their work schedule, family needs) and this is affecting the leasee/gardener’s ability to manage their garden; they are required to notify the Advisory Committee and inform them about the situation. The goal is keep all leasee’s in good standing within the garden community. The gardeners at Twin Oaks Gardens do not want to see the plot become infested with weeds in the leasee’s absence. With proper notification perhaps there might be ways in which the other garden members could offer some assistance to help keep the leasee/gardener in good standing (e.g., put a tarp on the plot to prevent weeds from going to seed; or harvest and donate the produce to food pantry).
  2. GOOD NEIGHBOR POLICY: Please show respect for other gardeners by not entering other plots without permission. (Members of the Plot Monitoring Team do have permission to enter the plots during their inspections). Tobacco products may not be used or consumed in the garden. Kimberly-Clark, our land-owner, and the Neenah-Menasha YMCA, our sponsor, have policies requiring that their facilities be tobacco free. Harassment, theft, criminal behavior or repeated use of banned substances will be grounds for expulsion from the garden. Numerous complaints for compliance or behavioral issues regarding a specific leasee/gardener from their peer members or from our land owner Kimberly-Clark may lead to the expulsion of the leasee/gardener. All members of the garden community have the right to confidentially register a complaint if they find that another leasee/gardener is not meeting the requirements of the Twin Oaks Gardens Rules or if that leasee’s behavior, or that of their family and friends, is disruptive or presents a danger to others.
  3. LIABILITY. You agree by signing the registration form to hold any Twin Oaks Gardens members (leasees/gardeners), staff, and volunteers harmless from any and all liability for bodily harm, damage, or loss of any kind arising from, or in any manner, connected with your participation in Twin Oaks Gardens. Twin Oaks Gardens/and its entities have no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property or crops.
  4. ORGANIZATION. The land on which Twin Oaks Gardens is located is owned by KimberlyClark Corporation and they have granted us use of the property as long as we are good stewards of the land. The non-profit organization with general oversight of the Twin Oaks Gardens is the Neenah-Menasha YMCA. Annual dues for plot rental will be paid to the Neenah-Menasha YMCA. The Twin Oaks Gardens Advisory Committee is responsible for the general management of garden. Members of the Twin Oaks Gardens Advisory Committee are volunteers and are not paid for their service. The various Twin Oaks Gardens Committees/service teams (e.g., Build Crew, Commercial Compost, Education Training, Flower Bed, Food Bank Coordination, Garden Leader, Grass Mowing, Material Sourcing, New Gardener Orientation, Plot Monitoring, Social Events, Water Tanks, Wildlife Issues, and Work Day Service) report directly to the Twin Oaks Advisory Committee. Each of these service teams/committees will have a Team Leader/Chairman assigned (no term limit to the length of their service) to oversee the operations of their committee’s activities. The Team Leader/Chairman of the service team/committee may elect to be a member of the Advisory Committee if they wish.
  5. COMPLIANCE ISSUES AND CLASSIFICATION. Leasees/gardeners who follow and comply with the Twin Oaks Gardens Rules will be classified as being ‘in good standing.’ Members in good standing are eligible to return to the garden for the following season; and if they voluntarily choose to depart for an interim period of time they can return as a member at future points in time (but they must go through the wait list process to secure another plot). Gardeners that are not in compliance with the Twin Oaks Gardens Rules and their responsibilities will lose their privilege to be a member of the garden and may not rejoin it in the future.
  6. APPEALS DUE PROCESS AND GRIEVANCE. Any leasee/gardener is permitted to seek an appeal to the Advisory Committee. The appeal must be submitted in writing and any visual documentation/evidence to support their position is to be sent to the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee will review the evidence and will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to review the case. Once the Advisory Committee makes their ruling the leasee/gardener will be informed of their decision within 14 days. The Advisory Committee’s decision is final and there will be no opportunity for a second appeal.