What We Do

Twin Oaks Gardens is a place where an individual or family can rent a small plot of land (20’ x 25’) to plant a garden. Our goal is to provide local residents access to land to grow crops for their consumption or livelihood.

Who We Are

Our membership is made up of more than 70 individuals and families who share a passion for gardening. Twin Oaks Gardens is located on Byrd Avenue in Neenah, WI with a total of 96 garden plots for lease. We’re a community of gardeners; but we don’t call ourselves a community garden. What you grow is for your use and consumption. The land where we garden is privately held and the owner has granted us permission to use it provided we are good stewards of the land.


Our History

Garden plots have been available for lease at this site since 2008. The first garden, ‘Clearwater’ was managed by the NE Wisconsin Goodwill ‘Goodwill Grows’ (2008-2017). Facing the dissolution of that garden program a team of volunteers set in to motion a plan to develop an self sufficient garden run by and for gardeners. The team renamed the garden ‘Twin Oaks Gardens’ because it reflects the site where our garden is located. In 2018 the Neenah-Menasha YMCA became our partner in this endeavor and they provide us with general oversight and act as our fiscal agent. Together we support the principles of healthy lifestyles and communities.